How Would The Markets React To The G-20 Summit?

World Leaders Gather

Currently, the markets are rising and falling faster than ever before. With the President of the United States, tweeting threats of potential tariffs on Mexico and China. The stock market has no warning on what to expect. The G-20 Summit will be held from June 28th to the 29th. Trump will be meeting with the top world leaders. Investors should be looking closely for comments that come out of the Osaka, Japan.

The 5% Mexico tariffs did not go into effect following a deal reached between the two countries. The main issue that the Trump Administration wanted was to slow the flow of immigration to the United States from Latin America. Chinese President Xi Jinping said he will be attending the G-20 summit, and so will President Trump. Will the two leaders be able to reach a deal and avoid escalating the trade war between the two countries? Will Trump use the tariff treat as he did with Mexico, against China? No one knows, but traders should be ready for everything.

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